Equity Representation 

VisCap Development specializes in providing the services needed to represent equity funds and other private equity sources seeking to invest in real estate assets.  Understanding and exceeding the special needs of these investors is always foremost in what we do. 


As an equity representative, our services often fall into the following areas of expertise needed for successful real estate investment:

  • VisCap served as either Developer or Co-Developer

  • Managed by independent third party professional, senior living  management companies

  • Smaller – secondary or tertiary – markets

  • Modest in size – each is between 60 to 82 beds

  • A third party market study indicated strong unmet demand

  • Local partners helped identify and entitle the sites


VisCap works everyday to expand its portfolio using these principles as an effective part of the due diligence process before financial commitments are made.  Additional components of that due diligence are vetting of the architect and contractor, sourcing of bank term sheets, confirming the entitlements, selecting the operator, etc.

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